Kay Cochran, Viola

Kay Cochran, Viola

Photo by Michael Byrne

Ride distance one-way to the Royal Theatre: 2.5 kilometres

Frequency: To all daytime rehearsals and some matinee concerts.

Anything notable/interesting about your route?

With all the work on the bridge, it’s seriously faster than if I drove, plus no worries about parking. Plus I buy baked goods instead of gasoline.

Any biking stories to share?

Once when I was riding, I stopped to talk to a guy playing an outdoor piano on Cattle Point. When he heard I played the viola, he proclaimed: “Violas don’t get the headlines, but they are the GLUE that holds it all together.” I would never have heard that nugget of truth if I hadn’t been riding.

What do you enjoy about biking to work?

The beauty of living on top of a hill means riding downhill first thing and seeing the Olympic mountains. Of course it means riding uphill to get home, but it’s worth it. I also love the ease, the freedom, the lack of fuel consumption, the way it makes exercise part of the day. What’s not to like?

Any challenges?

Birds have nailed me twice while I was riding, once while wearing concert clothes. Make that crow pay for the dry cleaning bill.

Do you bike for recreation as well, or just for transportation?

For me biking is a huge enhancement to quality of life, so I do it for transportation, as well as for exercise. I also have done a couple of multi-day bike tours on the Olympic Peninsula, which were just amazing. I also tried bike camping for the first time this summer.

Anything else you want to say on the topic?

I feel lucky to live somewhere that is so walkable and bikable. I’m also glad I went against my first idea in string class, which was to play the double bass. While possible to ride with a bass, it’s a whole new level of lifestyle commitment there.

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  1. Hey Kay,
    I hope life is well for you and you are surviving the awful pandemic, I’ve wanted to reach out for years, but never had the courage. I wish you well, my friend.

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