Paul Beauchesne, Principal Tuba

Ride distance one-way to the Royal Theatre: 2.2 kilometres

Frequency: 10 or 15 times each season

Anything notable/interesting about your route?

Vancouver street is a great bike route with not many cars and gets me most of the way there.

Any biking stories to share?

I usually bike with my tuba in a gig bag. Once I was biking with my tuba in hard case and hit a dip in the pavement. The hard case is slippery so, even though it was strapped to the trailer it slid off and went skittering across the road. Fortunately it was on a quiet street so no cars were around.

What do you enjoy about biking to work?

It is quiet, I am able to enjoy the fresh air, not burning fossil fuels, parking isn’t an issue.

Any challenges?

The trip is noticeably longer when pulling my tuba in the trailer, especially going up the hill to UVic.

Do you bike for recreation as well, or just for transportation?

We enjoy going for family bike rides along the Galloping Goose or on the Lochside Trail to Mattick’s Farm for some ice cream and a game of mini golf.


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