Tori Lindsay, Principal Second Violin

Tori Lindsay

Photo by Michael Byrne

Ride distance one-way to the Royal Theatre: 1.4 km

Frequency: 5-10 days/month

Anything notable/interesting about your route?

I get to take the new(ish) bikes-only block of Rockland between Quadra and Vancouver – it’s great!

What do you enjoy about biking to work?

I only bike when the weather’s nice, so I enjoy the sunny weather on those days. And it’s quick!

Any challenges?

I seem to hit every red light… I’d also LOVE a bike lane on Quadra, Vancouver or Cook. I would go a block or two out of my way for a safe bike lane!

Do you bike for recreation as well, or just for transportation?

I have a road bike which I love getting out on. I used it until I was 6 months pregnant, but have only been out on it once since she was born. Can’t wait to get back into it – last spring I did my first 100k ride, I’m hoping to do that again! I’m also looking forward to putting the baby in a bike seat and bringing her around too!


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