Michael Oswald, Horn

Mike Oswald, in conversation about the ‘stache:

What makes a successful moustache?

A successful moustache is one that transforms the identity of someone into something completely different. What would a super-villain be without a thin evil ‘stache? What self respecting lumberjack would be clean-shaven? That is why I have assumed a crime-fighting alter ego. It comes with the territory.

And you think you’ve grown a satisfactory one?

You’ll be the judge of that (hint: not a chance!)

How has your family handled the growth on your face?

I think my dog is jealous that I can seemingly grow hair on demand.

Do you see benefits to having a ‘stache?

Ever wanted to enjoy a beer after that last sip? Now you can!

You play horn – does the growth affect your playing?

My tone is a little fuzzier.

Do you feel different inside when you have a moustache?

The largest pro is that it really does improve ponder-ability and think-ocity. For example, three of us Movember guys were all in a players’ meeting together, and I noticed that all three of us were hard-at-thinking scratching our chins or upper lips. The results speak for themselves.

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