Kay Cochran, Viola

Kay CochranAfter a promising musical beginning on the air guitar at the age of 5, Kay Cochran toyed with the idea of learning the double-bass, but passed it over for the viola, which became her life-long musical love. After studies in Montreal, Paris, Banff and Houston, Kay Cochran joined the Victoria Symphony. A founding member of the Galiano Ensemble, she performs chamber music with the Odyssey String Quartet, and with Ten-String Music.

Kay has taught viola and chamber music at the University of Victoria, the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific, and at the University of Lethbridge Conservatory. She also coaches students on orchestral excerpts and audition techniques.

In addition to playing in Canada and the United States, Kay has presented chamber music concerts in Paris, the former Soviet Union, and Seoul, South Korea. In much of her work as a chamber musician, she has worked closely with composers to develop and premier new works.

Outside of music, Kay enjoys biking, has studied Alexander Technique, and maintains an interest in languages, particularly French and Italian.

Hometown: Victoria, BC

First season with the VS: 1994/95

Most memorable VS experience: After performing Handel’s Water Music with Jeanne Lamon on Salt Spring, the orchestra found that our hotel had kept the hot tub open late for us and provided bubbly. Lacking swimsuits but not imagination, we stayed up late soaking and making up words to one of the movements of the Water Music; “We went to the hot tub last night in our underwear, last night in our underwear, we just could not have cared…” Trudi and Sally are brilliant song smiths, no doubt about it. Not sure it’s my MOST memorable moment, but it’s one of the most amusing ones to write about.

Hobbies and interests: bicycling, hiking, foreign languages, growing food.

Favourite things to do around the capital region: swimming in the Gorge, hiking the various shores around the CRD.

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  1. I am a childhood friend of Christine Prince and tryiing to contact her because I am in Victoria on vacation. If you could either forward my contact info to her or send me hers, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
    Carolyn Gale
    carolyngale@ymail. com

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