The Volunteers

Updated 21 December 2018

In addition to making great music, we are proud to be active members of the community. Here are some of the volunteers among us:

Mary Rannie

“I have volunteered for about 35 years in an organization called Friends of Ecological Reserves of British Columbia (FER) which has its headquarters in Victoria. At FER’s inception, I shared a house with the creators of this advocacy group and they handed me the job of secretary. I have fulfilled that role ever since and am, in fact, the longest-serving Board member. We advocate for the addition of Ecological Reserves (ERs) in BC, support the wardens who monitor them, sponsor field trips, and generally promote research in and sustained commitment to ERs. As secretary, I record our monthly meetings, help organize FER participation in events of environmental concern, and handle the sale of artistic habitat placemats created by our board and members. We share a deep commitment to the conservation of these benchmark wild places and have a lot of fun working together.”

Darren Buhr

Darren is a dedicated organizer of the Metchosin Youth Cricket Club. He coaches the local juniors, plays for both the senior teams, and chairs the committee that administers the cricket umpiring system in the Greater Victoria Region. He has played an important role in organizing cricket for youth in the South Island region. Click on the articles below to read more about Darren’s involvement with cricket:

Emily Salmon

“I’ve volunteered the last couple years with Retail Action Network, which provides support to non-unionized workers in the retail, service, and hospitality industry. I’ve worked tables at events like Fernfest and Pride Festival, providing information about workers rights and resources. RAN was initially inspired by Seattle Solidarity, and is affiliated with the Human Rights Coalition and Together Against Poverty Society. You can check them out at

Courtney Cameron

“I volunteer seasonally with the Rocky Point Bird Observatory from mid-July through mid-October.  Once or twice a week I conduct the daily census of birds which provides data that can be used to help inform conservation practices. The census takes place one hour after sunrise rain or shine – I slowly walk a prescribed route (about 3 km) through various habitats and record all the birds I see or hear over the next hour and a half.  Over the season, the bird species and numbers change as migrants make their way through.  It’s thrilling to be out there on my own, not knowing what exactly I will see that day; one census I might record 30 different bird species, while on the next one I observe over 60.  (I’ve also encountered a couple bears and was lucky to see two wolves once!)  I got into birding shortly after I moved to Victoria to take the VS job, and the RPBO census is a way for me to put my hobby to good use in our community.”  

Paul Beauchesne

Paul leading Tuba Christmas 2018.
PC: Barb Latham

“I have stepped down this year but for the past 12 years, since 2006, I have been section head of Brass and Percussion for the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. I am also the organizer behind the annual Tuba Christmas event here in Victoria. I helped Gene Dowling with it the last two years before he passed away (2013 and 2014) and have been doing it on my own since then so this was my fourth year without Gene. It was our biggest year yet with 114 performers. I still haven’t had a chance to count all the money we raised for the TC Christmas Fund. I also volunteer as one of the judging panel for the Marching Bands in the local Victoria Day Parade! ”

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  1. I just returned from your concert in Duncan. The school children loved it. I know I am asking a lot but do you think you could give me a list of all music played so I can make a copy. I loved everything you chose to play. If not thanks for trying. It was a delightful day. Thank-you. Brian Parnell

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